1st WEEK
1st May: Touchdown and spent night in HangZhou. (I, Harish and Neil via AirAsia)
2nd May: Arrived Shanghai Intern House (Met Rebecca the interns coordinator)
3rd May: Went People Square (Alone!)
4th May: Went around with Zoe my buddy!
5th May: Walk around outside EXPO area with Harish!
6th 7th May: Shanghai EXPO! (I & Harish)

2nd WEEK
8th May: Went to Auchan Groceries Shopping (Me Novi and Theng)
9the May: Novi's Farewell Party (LC SJTU & I & Novi & Theng &Peter)
10th May: Sent off Novi at Pudong Airport & Photography session around People Square
11th May: Greenovate Train the Trainees =)
12th May: Welcoming Night with LC SJTU 
13th May:SJTUniversity Walkabout with Peter!
14th May: First Workshop with 1300 students educated! & Exploring Duolun road =D

3rd WEEK
15: Went to a primary school in minghang district for workshop (I Lily and Ram)
16:Went to Church & XujiaHui (I, Adeline, Byron and Neils)
17: Workshop (all Interns)
18: Workshop (Me and Peter)
19: Preparing for CCC and Movie Night @ Greenovate Office! =) (Me peter Guey Ai & )
20: Change your Chopsticks campaign & Greenovate workshop & LC Meeting (4 of us)
21: Workshop to ZhuYuan Middle Highschool
(Me and Ai)

4th WEEK
22nd May: Off to People Square and Bund with Kaipyn!
23rd:Shanghai Planning Center
24: Workshop with Peter
25: Workshop with Ram & Ai, Went Yu Garden and Temple
26: Shanghai EXPO 3rd day with Ai&Peter
27: Rest at home!
28: Rest at home!

5th WEEK
29: Gathering with SISU PR Students & NGO Volunteer & Gay Bar visit (me and Ai)
30: CSR Forum, Bund (Me,Ai,Nic & Theng)
31: Workshop
1: Rest
2: Workshop
3: Workshop

4th June: went to XuZheGeng
6th Week
5th June: Shanghai Museum
6th June: HIV TTT at Standard Chartered Shanghai HQ
7th June: Free day =) at home!
8th: Free!
10th: Yu Garden with Peter

11th: Expo 4th day
7th Week:
12th: QuanZhou
13th: An Xi and XiaMen
14th: QuenZhou
15th: Free
16th: SteamBoat with interns!
17th: Final Workshop and Off to Beijing

18: Summer Palace at Beijing
8th Week:
19: Great Wall & Ming Tombs at Beijing
20: Forbidden City at Beijing
21: Ancient Archi museum and Beijing Planning center.
22: Rest at Shanghai
23 A day at Raffles Design Institute
24 Back to KL =)

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4th Week Random Pictures
5th Week Random Pictures
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7th Week Random Pictures
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